28 feb. 2015



Hey man, I know we just met but I have an indecent proposition for you, because you look like someone who needs an adventure and I'm quite a roller-coaster.
We could be as ephemeral as the night, we could live right between that eternal moment that resides in the beauty of some spare hours, we could mess around under white sheets . I dare you to be insane, to play with my lips, pull my hair and bite every single inch of my naked body, I have tasted the pleasure that hides under the pain, it's addictive. To scream loud just because my kiss is right were you want. I want to be your favorite sin, let's speak clear I want to be your dirty thoughts and your good (morning) sex. You can have some whisky while I slowly take my clothes off, it's not a problem, I want you to observe me. Deep breaths, your fingers drawing hell on my skin, burn me nice and slow multiple times. Let's be instinct, let's follow our fantasies, let's play as humans against the wall of my hotel room. 
Darling this ain't about falling in or out of love, I'm talking about falling madly in bed with you.

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