28 feb. 2015

Beauty's name.

I would have to say that beauty cannot be defined as something concrete, because anywhere you place your eyes you will find it, you just need to know what is the right way to look at things. It is something that makes me feel through any of my five senses, an emotion, a feeling which leaves a memory forever on my mind. It is a gentle smile, a glance. It is a way of art an expressions. It's a sunset and the night ahead, the stars upon me. It is the sound of a voice that I shall never forget. It is a photograph. Elegance. 
It has the ability to make me breathless. It is imperfection... Beauty is magical.
It has power and influence, it has conquered and destroyed people.
It is also intellingence and self-confidence. 
The simple act of living. It is anything that has passion. Beauty is a love story, adventure, a lighter laugh on a summer night.

So... To answer your question beauty has a name I won't reveal.

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